Ice Cream Adventure

Today we looked at each other and deliberated whether we should continue doing chores around the house. The never ending list was piling high but we realized we haven’t spent much family time together this weekend. With the chore list in our rear view mirror we loaded up the car and left the house with no specific destination in mind.

During our drive we all shouted ideas until the heat of the day made the decision for us. Ice Cream. Not just any ice cream. Em’s ice cream.

A few years ago we were attending an outdoor event at our local Anythink library. The event had live music and a bunch of amazing food trucks. Among them was a small unassuming little ice cream stand advertising organic ice cream. The thought of a non toxic ice cream intrigued us and our family jumped in line to try some of the unique flavors. Toasted coconut, chai, honey lavender and other exotic flavors. Every scoops is an experience.

After our first experience we tried to track down their main store. At the time, they only had a small location on the 16th street mall in Denver. The ritzy outdoor shopping area was fun but a little tough to get to for a normal family outing. But that didn’t stop me and my honey from hiking down there on a date night. We wiggled our way through the asphalt jungle and buildings to find their little shop and got our fix of the most delicious ice cream we’d ever tried.

Shortly after we started following Em’s adventure they opened their own creamery in a small plaza just outside of Denver. That is where our family ended up today. The one warning I’d offer is that getting there can be part of the experience ;). But once you find it, every flavor is worth the trip.

The cool treat was an excellent way to spend the day. We sat outside to enjoy the summer breeze. Sharing flavors and laughs made the experience.

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